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Just Suppose…

A highly seasoned business growth expert came into your business, shared their knowledge and expertise, facilitated highly engaging and inspirational JUMP START and STRATEGY TRANSFORM programmes, that provided you with tailor-made recommendations, plan and training that enabled you to put the challenges you’re experiencing behind you, and to go forward and truly transform your business growth turnaround, transformation and success.


Sounds good, doesn’t it? Here’s how we can help.

Business Growth Programme | Jump Start – from £7,500.00 + VAT*

Business Growth Programme | Jump Start™ was born when founder Alan Crouch systemised his approach to preparing client businesses for business growth transformation. This is where Business Growth School® Consulting Services will come into your business, and work directly with and for you, to create your Jump Start report for change.


Our consultant experts will:


  • Meet with you, the business leader, to fully understand the ‘where you are now, what you enjoy about now, what you aspire to, and identify what’s stopped you from achieving this
  • Meet 1:1 with up to four further senior manager or directors should you have them too
  • Speak, with prior approval, with a select number of your lost, dormant and existing clients
  • Review your competitors
  • Conduct a Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis prior to
  • Producing you with a comprehensive Jump Start report of recommendations to support your Strategy Transform Planning and business growth success.


Using this very system, founder, Alan Crouch, has supported client businesses achieve 100% increases in turnover and six months and 1,000% increases in order books in twelve, whilst also supporting business leaders to feel the success and benefits that comes with having aligned teams and a business completely focussed on business growth.

Business Growth Programme | Strategy Transform – from £9,500.00 + VAT*

For many companies, when it comes to creating an unbiassed and inspired business strategy and plan, they know that this is best facilitated by 3rd party experts, who will show no bias to the process, and support the business to create transformational change. Business Growth Programme | Strategy Transform is no standard programme, as at Business Growth School® consulting services, our approach is to ensure that the entire plan is oriented to focus on achieving an aligned team, with every business function focussed on business growth.


This ‘sales-orientated’ strategy conference, is for the team, as in Business Growth Programme | Jump Start, either the client or Business Growth School® will have set your direction through a more 1:1 orientation, in readiness for the team to come together, and plan for success.


The planned outcomes include:


  • A highly motivational and focussed three to five year strategy and plan
  • Identifying and agreeing the Vision for your business
  • Putting in place the gaols, objectives, strategies and plans that will support overall business growth success across every business function
  • Streamlining your business operations and right-sizing your business for success
  • Identifying what’s needed, and what’s not
  • The creation of a detailed strategy and plan that’s focussed on business growth
  • A plan that is focussed on adding real value and customer service excellence to your customers


Once complete, to support implementation and over and above the preparation of your Strategy Transform Plan, together with over 200 accredited partners, Business Growth School® Consultancy Services can facilitate expert support across virtually every business skill, from HR, to ISO, acquisitions through to exit.

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*Prices may vary depending on the size and scale of your business. Typically, for business over £5m turnover and 100 staff my require additional consultancy services. The best way for us to determine how best we can be of service, is for you to book free, no obligation call.