Business Growth Programme | Consultant

Start and grow as successful career as a business consultant

Are you looking to build a successful career as a freelance business consultant, achieve career freedom, get your work-life balance right and look forward to being in control of your work choices?


Business Growth Programme | Consultant, has been designed to support both those who are thinking of starting out and also experienced consultants, who already have done so, but who now looking to fast-track their success as they develop a successful future under their own name, business and brand.

To support your learning, planning and doing, on the Business Growth Programme | Consultant, your pathway includes:


Part 1: Business Consultant Masterclass – Foundation (approximately 20 hours online study)


Made up of twelve online study modules coupled with full online resources all accessed within your member’s area, you will be able to study at your own pace to fit in with your existing commitments to master the templates, frameworks and skills to support you in your learning.


Your twelve modules are the exact same initial training found as part of the  full Business Growth Programme | Consultant, but here, on the Business Consultant Masterclass – Foundation, you can study the training as a stand-alone online self-study masterclass.


The full course content is outlined below.


Part 2: Business Growth Programme & Six 1:1 Action Mentor Session Calls (approximately 100 hours of study, mentoring and applied learning)


To support your planning and doing, when studying the full Business Growth Programme | Consultant course, as soon as you have completed your Business Consultant Masterclass – Foundation, you will then commence Six 1:1 Action Mentor Calls, where you will be supported to review your studies, prepare your proposition and plan, and get started, for real.


Alan Crouch, Business Growth Programme Course Director, and Founder of Business Growth School® says:


“If you’re like me, going on ‘inspirational courses’ are all well and good to support the learning, however I created the Business Growth Programme | Consultant to take every students learning experience off the page.


“Action Mentor sessions are designed for every student to get the 1:1 support they need, ask those ‘penny-dropping’ questions, discuss their fears, clarify their understanding and secure peer-to-peer support as they plan their business.


“Then, as you start getting out there, your Action Mentor will be there to continue this support as an expert sounding-board, accountability buddy and mentor.


“My mission was to create a training experience that I only wished was there when I started out and Business Growth Programme (BGP) – Consultant is the outcome.


“Developed following over five years of study and research where we have trained hundreds of executives either planning to start out or are already practicing as consultants, Business Growth Programme | Consultant brings you instant online accessible training of the highest quality, coupled with six very carefully designed Action Mentor calls that support the planning and doing.


“Our goal, is to ensure every student is successful. To achieve this, we know, students need more than ‘training’, they need support in the planning and doing.


“We would welcome the opportunity to support you in experiencing the joy of being self-made as you work towards and achieve success, career freedom, work-life balance and independence as a freelance business consultant”


Business Growth Programme | Consultant


The first part of your Business Growth Programme | Consultant, the Business Consultant Masterclass – Foundation, is made up of study twelve online modules. 


Day #1


Module 1

  • Business Consultant – The Foundations
  • ​The Achievable Vision – Career Freedom and Independence
  • ​Understanding the Consultant landscape
  • ​Exposing Where the Wealth of Your Opportunities Exist
  • ​Widening Your Portfolio of Services as a Consult, Coach, Mentor, Advisor, Non-Executive Director
  • ​Introduction To 12 Masterclass Frameworks, Strategies, and Templates
  • ​Learning the 14 Conditions of Success
  • ​Setting up Your Consulting Business – Conditions of success
  • ​The Six and Seven-Figure Consultant’s Business Growth Opportunity


Module 2

  • Identifying Your Expert
  • ​The Three Steps to Your Expert Niche Mastery
  • ​Understanding How Your Generalist Skills Will 10x Your Income Potential
  • ​Finding Your Voice
  • ​Believe in Your Value
  • ​Understanding How to Become The ‘Go-To’ Consultant
  • ​The 10 / 30 / 60 Success Model
  • ​How to Secure a Consistent Flow of Qualified Referrals
  • ​Skilfully Appointing Your Free SalesForce


Module 3

  • Marketing Principles
  • ​Foundation Business Consultant Sales Funnel – Defined
  • ​The Business Consultancy Success Pipeline
  • ​Creating Your Business Brand and Character
  • ​Identifying Your Services as a Product
  • ​Pricing Your Services
  • ​How to Ensure Prospective Clients Can Find You and Only You
  • ​Promoting Your Services
  • ​How to Create Masterful Marketing Copy
  • ​Bonus: Ten Example Marketing Scripts


Module 4

  • 100x Elevator
  • ​Exposed – The Elevator as the ‘Make or Break’ of Your Success
  • ​How to Prepare Your Perfect 100x Elevator
  • ​Peer-to-Peer Case Study Review and Worked Examples
  • ​Maximizing Your Elevator Lead Generation
  • ​Traditional and Online Networking for Success
  • ​The ‘Go-To’ Consultant – Mastery


Day #2


Module 1

  • EASYSelling® Sales Process
  • ​Mastering the Process of Client Engagement
  • ​How to Increase Client Connection by up to 400%
  • ​Preparation for Successful Engagement
  • ​Effectively Assessing Client Need
  • ​The Consultation Questioning Funnel
  • ​Establishing Value-Based Solutions
  • ​Securing and Leveraging Client Agreement
  • ​Return On Investment (ROI) Identification


Module 2

  • The Consultation & The Consultant Proposal
  • ​Prerequisite for Success – How to Prepare the Client Consultation
  • ​Establishing Peer-to-Peer Engagement
  • ​The Consultation Process
  • ​Understanding The Concept of Value & Meeting of Minds
  • ​Pricing of Services
  • ​How to Negotiate But Do So at Your Peril
  • ​Structuring Winning Proposals
  • ​The Agreement and Start of the Client Journey


Module 3

  • The Consultant Business Development System
  • ​Master the 5 Step Business Development System Value Generator
  • ​Learn BLUEPRINT #1 – Business Consultant Six-Figure Warrior
  • ​Learn BLUEPRINT #2 – Business Consultancy Seven-Figure Leader
  • ​Leveraging Business Growth Through the Power of Referral Selling
  • ​Mastering The Stages of Your Value Ladder
  • ​Essential Consultancy Agreements
  • ​How to Deliver Long-Term Client Value, ROI, and Incomes
  • ​Capacity Planner – Managing Your Capacity & Work-Life Balance


Module 4

  • Securing Sales the SLICSelling® Way
  • ​Your Epiphany – The Secret to Finding Your Inner Sales Expert – Guaranteed
  • ​Understanding The Sales Landscape
  • ​Learn the No-Push, No- Pressure Consultancy Services Sales Approach
  • ​Master the Top 10 Sales Closes & Techniques
  • ​Review of Top 10 Objections
  • ​Scripted Sales Closes and Objection Examples
  • ​Mastering Follow Up and Keeping Organized


Day #3


Module 1

  • Lead Generation
  • ​9 Sources of Every Customer™ – Mastery
  • ​Learn the Fasted Way to Secure New Clients & Highly Paid Projects
  • ​Traditional Marketing Lead Generation to Include the Role of: Effective Networking / Exhibition and Seminars / Telephone Sales & Marketing Lists
  • ​Internet Marketing Lead Generation Explained, to Include: LinkedIn / Facebook / Instagram / YouTube / Twitter
  • ​Essential Online Presence
  • ​Advanced Sales Funnel Automation


Module 2

  • Technology Made Simple
  • ​Identifying Your Primary Communication Method
  • ​Power of Audible, Visual and Written Communication
  • ​Mastering Lead Magnet Video Sales Letters
  • ​How to Embrace Video and Getting Your Confidence Behind the Camera
  • ​How to Structure the Perfect Video
  • ​Success By Video Conference
  • ​Outsourcing for Powerful Lead Magnet, Video, Content and Graphic Design
  • ​Business Growth School® Rolodex of Key Outsource Service Providers


Module 3

  • Your My Action Plan™ (MAP)
  • ​Creating You Very Own: My Action Plan™
  • ​How to Prioritise Your Success
  • ​Identifying Your Success Pathway from Day #1 to Year #1 and Beyond
  • ​Proposed Pathway for Accelerated Success
  • ​How to Secure Free Peer-to-Peer Support
  • ​Master the M.O.V.E. N.O.W.™ system for Powerful Motivation & Mindset
  • ​How to Secure On-going Training, Coaching and Support


Module 4

  • Success Strategies
  • ​14 Conditions of Success as a Business Consultant
  • ​Case Study Review
  • ​Your Next Twelve Months – The ‘Warrior’
  • ​Introduction to the Accredited Diploma
  • ​Leading as a Business Consultant or Business Consultancy Leader
  • ​Your Accreditation


Part 2 – 1:1 Action Mentor Sessions


Here, we take the learning, and support you in your planning ang doing.  Within your six 1:1 Action Mentor Calls, we will support you as you:


  • Finding Your Expert, Preparing Your 100x Elevator Pitch & Outline My Action Plan:
  • Identify the fasted way to secure you first clients
  • How to prepare your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy and Action Plan
  • How to take commence your live marketing pipeline and funnel
  • Secure Projects and Conducting Your Consultant Consultation and Proposal
  • Learning to embrace Consultant Sales and Objection Handling Training, the SLICSelling® Way


Business Growth Programme | Consultant – 12-week Programme


A twelve-week programme, made up of 12 Study modules that can be completed in just three days of study, or studied to fit in with your existing work and personal commitments. Then, following your Action Mentor onboarding training, your Six 1:1 Action Mentor Calls are booked, typically based on an Action Mentor Session being conducted every two weeks with a personal 1:1 Action Mentor.

Business Consultant Masterclass - Foundation

£ 1995
00 + VAT
  • 20 Hours Online Study (see full details above)
  • Instant Access to Your Member’s Area
  • Designed to be completed in just 3 days
  • Full Online Study Resources
  • Free Copy of 100x Elevator Pitch eBook
  • My Action Plan™ Implementation Planning

Business Growth Programme | Consultant

£ 2995
00 + VAT
  • Full 12 Week Comprehensive Programme
  • 100 Hours Combined Online Study, Mentoring & Applied Study
  • 12 Online Business Consultant Masterclasses
  • Instant Access to Your Member’s Area
  • Online Masterclass Designed to be Completed in Just 3 Days
  • Full Online Study Resources
  • Free Copy of 100x Elevator Pitch eBook
  • My Action Plan™ Implementation Planning
  • 12 Week Comprehensive Mentor Programme
  • Work with an Action Mentor® - 1:1
  • Six Action Mentor Support Calls
  • Exercise and Implementation Videos and Checklists
  • 1:1 Exercise Review, Accountability and Support
  • Advanced LinkedIn Training
  • 100x Elevator Review
  • Expert Support in Finding Your Expert
  • Mentor Support in Identifying Your Target 100 Clients