Business Growth Programme | Sector

‘Sector’ Programmes hone in on the more specific skills required within a sector. Two Business Growth ‘Sector’ Programmes are planned for academic Year 2021/2022:

  • Business Growth Programme (BGP): Accountant, Lawyer and Professional Services, which includes our ‘Signature’ Programme content, with a deeper focus into LinkedIn marketing, sector specific sales approaches and effective networking skills for professional services

  • Business Growth Programme (BGP): Health, Hair and Beauty, which includes our ‘Signature’ Programme content, with a deeper focus into Facebook, Instagram and selling in the Health, Hair and Beauty sector

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How we Would Plan to Introduce a New Sector.

Let us take a look at an example on how a Business Growth Programme | Sector may be tailor to, well a ‘Sector’.


For mid 2022, we have been asked to look at providing training for car dear groups and car dealers. So here’s how we would scope a truly outstanding Business Growth Programme for the Automotive Car Sales Sector.


We would research the specifics of this sector, working with industry experts. In this case, Alan Crouch our founder, has spent over 20 years of his career in Automotive, and is a Fellow of the Institute of the Motor Industry since 1994, so he has a number of connections to support his research. He has also trained former CEOs of leading organisations, including a leading car finance operation owned by a Top 3 vehicle manufacturer Group.


In this case, we would learn that:


  • Supporting the dealership owner to align their staff, have a business growth Jump Start and Strategy Transform Plan in place will be key
  • There will be a need to focus on tactical and consultative selling skills, as larger fleet sales is very different from the tactical skills needed in retail selling
  • There will not be a reliance on LinkedIn, and a blend of understanding email marketing, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok may play an increased role
  • SLICSelling® and training salespeople to Skilfully Lead an Intelligent Conversation, as opposed to sounding a ‘wide sales rep’ will be key… overcoming the self-interest and need for meeting target must come secondary to supporting a customer find a car that is right for them and meets their needs
  • Mastering 100% engagement skills on the forecourt will be a Key Performance Indicator, as will be ensuring that the dealer group has a fast-track induction process too
  • Selling the EASYSelling® way, by being disciplined, prepared and one who ensures follow-up will be a key focus
  • Understanding personality types fast to increase enagement skills by 400% will be key too
  • Training the Service Department team to be of service, sell the SLICSelling® way and identify genuine sales opportunities to be of service to their customers, will be paramount too
  • And so much more


If you happen to be a dealer or dealer group who would like to be in touch before Business Growth School® launches this training programme, then do be in touch as our Business Growth Programme | Customised (for you) may quite literally, by just for you!

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