Business Growth Programme | SME Signature

Our ‘Signature’ Programme is for SME business owner managers and entrepreneurs.


Skills Training: To lead your business growth transformation, learn to sell (yes sell, and without exception), drive sales success, create your growth sales and marketing pipeline, and master new traditional and internet marketing skills to include a comprehensive overview of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Google and Twitter.


Consultancy Skills: 12 business consultancy frameworks, templates and strategies that will enable you to know how identify your ‘now’, take-stock, create your plan and finalise your ‘live’ business growth strategy plan and personal My Action Plan™

Implementation: If you are like most of us, at this stage, we truly welcome support as we put our new skills in to practice, overcome any fears and uncertainties, take action and review our successes. Here, you will not be alone. Together with six additional ‘implementation’ modules, you will directly receive six 1:1 Action Mentor session calls, which are designed to support you, provide the opportunity for your to directly ask any questions to clarify your learning, and mentor your stages of the implementation of your new skills. This implementation stage is focussed in supporting you to overcome any initial fears or concerns and then take action, as you directly start transforming your business growth success.


With the Business Growth ‘Signature’ Programme being at the hub of our training, here is your course outline:


Business Growth Programme | SME Signature


Part 1:

The first part of your Business Growth Programme | SME Signature, the Business Growth Masterclass – Foundation, is made up of study twelve online modules. 


Day #1


Module #1

  • Introduction to Business Growth Masterclass – Foundation
  • Full Overview of Resources to include 21 Business Growth School® Masterclass Strategy Frameworks & Toolkit
  • Preparing your and your Business for Growth – ‘seeing the wood for the trees’
  • Transforming your approach to sales and selling forever
  • The SME landscape & stages of growth, from start up to 3rd/4th generation 100 year+
  • Top 10 Common Mistakes
  • Setting your MD/CEO/Business Leader Mindset Leadership mindset for success every day
  • How to create your My Action Plan™


Module #2

  • Learning the how 4DBusiness Growth Cycle™ can unlock perpetual growth & success
  • Identifying your business proposition and how to be the ‘go-to’ business of choice in your sector
  • Identifying, understanding and believing in the value you bring
  • Understanding your competitive landscape and how to ‘package’ and position for growth
  • Three Steps to Mastering Your Niche Presence
  • How to Appoint Your Free Salesforce
  • How to Secure a Consistent Flow of Qualified Referrals
  • Breaking down the marketing and sales landscape for success
  • Learning who to love first… your product/service or your customer


Module #3

  • Marketing Principles: Your Product, Differentiation & Identifying Services as a Product
  • How to stop selling on price and package value – how your ‘signature’ and value ladder positioning drives real growth
  • ​How to Ensure Prospective Clients Can Find You and Only You
  • ​Overview of Promoting Your Services in 2022 and beyond
  • Perfecting Your Every Touchpoint through great people, process and customer experience
  • Creating your brand character to increase connectivity by up to 400%
  • The 10 / 30 / 60 Success Model
  • Understanding how to create powerful Marketing Funnels & Pipeline
  • How to create Masterful Marketing Copy to include where to source an endless supply of content


Module #4

  • Learn the 8 Steps on how to prepare your perfect 100x Elevator Pitch™
  • Learn how the 100x Elevator Pitch mastery ‘snowballs’ sales & marketing process and success
  • How to use the 100x Elevator Pitch process to create your complete library of content, that will support your sales email, letter, Video, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram content marketing creation
  • Learn how to build empathy and rapport and feel more comfortable when selling
  • ​Peer-to-Peer Case Study Review and Worked Examples
  • ​Learn how to maximise your Elevator Lead Generation and embedding the Elevator Throughout Your Team and Business
  • ​Traditional and Online Networking as part of your Marketing for Success
  • Introduction to the EASYSelling® process, SLICSelling® way and Marketing Funnels


Day #2


Module #5

  • Master the Business Growth School’s Consultancy Services – Business Transformation Framework used to literally transform business success
  • Learn where every one of your customers are with the 9 Sources of Every Customer™
  • Identify the ‘low hanging fruit’ to fast-track growth success
  • How to create of your Target 100 list to secure short-term growth whilst building your perfect client platform so to secure long-term growth
  • Understanding Sales Cycles to support sales forecasting, planning & Growth
  • Learn how the principle of ‘Spread’ can be the difference of success and failure in any business
  • Integrating a Sales Process and sales pipeline management is part of the ‘mother of Marketing’
  • Learning the power of ‘Follow Up’
  • Learn the top #7 reasons why so many salespeople fail
  • How to use consultants to support step-change transformation


Module #6

  • Business Growth Programme – JUMP START framework – Learn how to literally Jump Start your planning to instigate your business growth transformation
  • Learn the process to research and learn how to secure ‘fresh’ insightful solutions to pursue success moving forward
  • Learn the FIVE leading academic and questioning frameworks that truly open up a ‘growth’ mindset
  • Develop your skills in how to get staff and customer buy-in, support and credibility to drive growth
  • Identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and how to create this for success
  • Learn how to create Solutions that will provide the foundation for building your business growth success
  • Identify how to bring the team together as one, in readiness for create your transformational Business Growth Strategy


Module #7

  • Master the life-long skills on how to write business strategy with Business Growth School’s BGP – Strategy Transform
  • Understanding the 12 Step Business Growth Programme – Strategy Transform framework
  • Learn how to facilitate your Strategy Transform meeting to ensure staff buy-in, creativity and paradigm-shift outcomes
  • Understand how BGP Strategy Transform will streamline your entire business
  • Learn how to create a business growth plan that aligns your entire business, across every business function, all aligned for growth
  • Understand the role of Consultants where 3rd party independence is proven to support your businesses and add true value
  • Learning from experience – Learn the Six Factors for Success when preparing your Business Growth Programme – Strategy Transform plan


Module #8

  • Learn Busines Growth School’s EASYSelling® Sales Process
  • Review of Marketing Funnels and being acutely aware what we are selling for at each stage of the process
  • ​Mastering the Process of Customer Engagement & Peer-to-Peer approach
  • ​How to Increase Customer Connection by up to 400%
  • ​Preparation for Successful Engagement & how to maximise every second with the client to add real value
  • ​Effectively Assessing the Customer’s Need
  • ​The Questioning Funnel
  • ​Establishing Value-Based Solutions
  • ​Learn the 12 stages of selling a processional service
  • Mastering the purpose of a proposal
  • Mastering the Business Development System and how to bring long-term client value
  • Understanding Business Signals
  • Learning the general principles of negotiation
  • Overview of Marketing and Sales Pipeline management and monitoring the numbers


Day #3


Module #9

  • How to Market your product and services with full overview of social media to include how LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and your website drive traffic
  • Learn how to drive organic lead generation with a deep diver into LinkedIn Strategy
  • How to manage Marketing Pipelines and overview of CRM
  • Networking – new style and old style and why this is so vitally important
  • How to identify targets for networking that will transform your business success and secure unleash your Free Sales Force
  • Why embedding your 100X Elevator in every staff member can create a step-change in growth
  • Identifying Your Primary Communication Method
  • Finding Your Voice – the Power of Audible, Visual and Written Communication
  • Mastering Lead Magnet Video Sales Letters
  • Technology Made Simple
  • How to Embrace Video and Getting Your Confidence Behind the Camera
  • How to Structure the Perfect Video
  • Outsourcing for Powerful Lead Magnet, Video, Content and Graphic Design
  • Business Growth School® Rolodex of Key Outsource Service Providers


Module #10

  • Learn how to secure Sales the SLICSelling® Way
  • ​The Secret to Finding Your Inner Sales Expert – Guaranteed
  • Understanding soft and hard skills in a business
  • Mastering the Sales as a Service Mindset
  • ​Understanding The Sales Landscape
  • How to appoint the right team
  • ​Learn the No-Push, No- Pressure Sales Approach
  • ​Master the Top 10 Sales Closes & Techniques
  • ​Learning to love Objections & How to Bridge These to Success
  • ​Mastering Follow Up and Keeping Organized
  • Learn the ‘Must Dos’ to create the perfect in-house Sales Meetings for your team
  • ​Leveraging Business Growth Through the Power of Referral Selling
  • ​Embedding SLICSelling® Throughout your Entire Business


Module #11

  • Your My Action Plan™ (MAP)
  • ​Creating Your Very Own: My Action Plan™
  • ​How to Prioritize Your Success
  • ​Identifying Your Success Pathway from Day #1 to Year #1 and Beyond
  • ​Proposed Pathway for Accelerated Success
  • ​How to Secure Free Peer-to-Peer Support
  • Learn the leading process to look after your #1 employee – YOU
  • ​Master the M.O.V.E. N.O.W.™ system for Powerful Motivation & Mindset
  • Overview of the Action Mentor Process to support your Learning, Planning and Doing
  • How to access 3rd party facilitated consultancy services to support effective implementation
  • ​How to Secure On-going Training, Coaching and Support


Module #12

  • Course Summary and review of the journey we’ve been on
  • Review of all 21 Strategies and Frameworks, with examples, to embed your learning
  • Learning the Action Mentor Framework and how the six 1:1 Action Mentor Sessions will support you in taking action and going live!
  • Review on your next key actions to include:
    • Preparing your 100x Elevator Pitch
    • Conducting your Business Growth Programme – Jump Start
    • Conducting your Business Growth Programme – Strategy Transform
    • Preparing Your My Action Plan™
    • Embedding MOVE NOW™ into your every day
  • How to secure expert support and learn how to access grant funding
  • Learn ​14 Conditions of Success for business committed to achieving business growth success


Part 2 – Six 1:1 Action Mentor Sessions

Here, we take the learning, and support you in your planning ang doing.  Within your six 1:1 Action Mentor Calls, we will support you as you:

  • Defining and perfecting your business’ value proposition
  • How to become the ‘go-to-market’ business of choice, that gets remembered
  • Mastering your Expert 100x Elevator Pitch
  • Action Mentor support as you facilitate and prepare your Business Growth Programme | JUMP START business transformation report
  • Action Mentor support as you facilitate and prepare your Business Growth Programme | STRATEGY TRANSFORM 3 to 5 year plan
  • Identify the fasted way to secure you first clients
  • How to prepare your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy and Action Plan
  • How to take commence your live marketing pipeline and funnel
  • Action Mentor support to identify your Target 100 client list to fast-track business growth
  • Learning to embrace Sales and Objection Handling Training, the SLICSelling® Way


Business Growth Programme | SME Signature –  12-Week Programme.


A twelve-week programme, made up of 12 Study modules that can be completed in just three days of study, or studied to fit in with your existing work and personal commitments. Then, following your Action Mentor onboarding training, your Six 1:1 Action Mentor Calls are booked, typically based on an Action Mentor Session being conducted every two weeks with a personal 1:1 Action Mentor.


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Business Growth Masterclass - Foundation

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  • 20 Hours Online Study (see full details above)
  • Instant Access to Your Member’s Area
  • Designed to be completed in just 3 days
  • Full Online Study Resources
  • Free Copy of 100x Elevator Pitch eBook
  • My Action Plan™ Implementation Planning

Business Growth Programme | SME Signature

Online Exclusive – Contact Us for Next Start Date
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  • Full 12 week programme Comprehensive Programme
  • 100 Hours Combined Online Study, Mentoring & Applied Study
  • Instant Access to Your Member’s Area
  • Online Masterclass Designed to be completed in just 3 days
  • Full Online Study Resources
  • Free Copy of 100x Elevator Pitch eBook
  • My Action Plan™ Implementation Planning
  • Full Business Growth Programme – JUMP START Training
  • Full Business Growth Programme – Strategy Transform Training
  • 12 week Comprehensive Mentor Programme
  • Work with an Action Mentor® - 1:1
  • Six Action Mentor Support Calls
  • Exercise and implementation videos and checklists
  • 1:1 Exercise review, accountability and support
  • Advanced LinkedIn Training
  • Expert support in Finding your Expert
  • Mentor support in identifying your Target 100 Clients
  • Sales Skills Training the SLICSelling® way