Business Growth Programme | Training

Business Growth Programme (BGP) brings together consulting, learning and implementation as one, where you learn the consultancy skills and frameworks to create your very own business growth plan and the sales & marketing skills to implement success so to get out the and get it done – no excuses. 


All programmes are delivered by way of a combination of online and 1:1 coaching from your Action Mentor; access is designed to suit busy business leaders and consultants and with training taking from just 3 days through to 3 Months, students are literally days and weeks away from taking control of their business growth success.

Business Growth Programme | SME Signature

Our ‘Signature’ Programme is for SME business owner managers and entrepreneurs. You will learn:

Skills Training: To lead your business growth transformation, learn to sell (yes sell, and without exception), drive sales success, create your growth sales and marketing pipeline, and master new traditional and internet marketing skills to include a comprehensive overview of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Google and Twitter.


Consultancy Skills: 12 business consultancy frameworks, templates and strategies that will enable you to know how identify your ‘now’, take-stock, create your plan and finalise your ‘live’ business growth strategy plan and personal My Action Plan™


Implementation: If you are like most of us, at this stage, we truly welcome support as we put our new skills in to practice, overcome any fears and uncertainties, take action and review our successes. Here, you will not be alone. Together with six additional ‘implementation’ modules, you will directly receive six 1:1 Action Mentor session calls, which are designed to support you, provide the opportunity for your to directly ask any questions to clarify your learning, and mentor your stages of the implementation of your new skills.

This implementation stage is focussed in supporting you to overcome any initial fears or concerns and then take action, as you directly start transforming your business growth success.


With the Business Growth ‘Signature’ Programme being at the hub of our training, for 2021/2021 academic year, Business Growth School® has three further BGP Pathways:

Business Growth Programme (BGP) | Consultant

Are you looking to achieve career freedom, have choice when selecting to add real value to companies that excite you, do work that intesests you, and be in control of your work-life balance too, then Business Growth Programme | Consultant has been designed to support you.


Starting with the Business Consultant Masterclass Foundation, you will experience twelve comprehensive online study modules, which can be studied at your own pace, but for those who want to get started fast, the Business Consultant Masterclass is designed to be complete in just three full days.


Then, we will support you to embrace your learning, plan and take your first / next steps as you commence Six 1:1 40-minute Action Mentor Sessions. You will be supported in finding your expert, how to become the ‘go-to’ consultant, preparing your 100x Elevator Pitch®, indentifying your Target 100 list, how to conduct your ‘consultations’, market your services on LinkedIn and most importantly, learn how to sell you and your services


Business Growth Programme | Consultant: If you’re thinking of becoming a freelance business consultant, coach or non-executive director (NED), and would like to learn the skills to support a highly successful start, or for those already started out, who just may be looking for a little more success, then take a more detailed look to learn more

Business Growth Programme | Customised

For the mid-sized SME, the Business Growth School® will tailor its Business Growth ‘Signature’ Programme to your business and sector.

A customised training programme where we get to know you and your people, support your consultancy planning stage, deliver ‘in-house’ training, and directly support your implementation.


With Business Growth School® working directly in your business and with your team, programme exercises and activies can be directly focussed on you and your business. This may include, competitor analysis, the targeting of your spefific Target 100 list through to directly working on your ‘go-to’market’ proposition over and above your competition.


As we will be working in a highly inspirational but confidential confidential environment, either at your offices, off site or online, you can be assured of learning the full Business Growth Programme | SME Signature skills, that will be customised to directly support the success of you and your business.


Like to explore the opportunities?

Business Growth Programme | Sector

‘Sector’ Programmes hone in on the more specific skills required within a sector. Two Business Growth ‘Sector’ Programmes are planned for academic Year 2021/2022:


  • Business Growth Programme (BGP): Accountant, Lawyer and Professional Services, which includes our ‘Signature’ Programme content, with a deeper focus into LinkedIn marketing, sector specific sales approaches and effective networking skills for professional services


  • Business Growth Programme (BGP): Health, Hair and Beauty, which includes our ‘Signature’ Programme content, with a deeper focus into Facebook, Instagram and selling in the Health, Hair and Beauty sector


Like to Learn more?


 If you’d like to learn more about Business Growth School®’s  Business Growth Programme | Sector launches or if you’re a leader in a sector who would like Business Growth School® to focus on next, then all you need do is call!

Alan Crouch Says:

If you’re really wanting to take control and seize the opportunities that are truly out there post Covid-19, learn the essential core business skills, know how to take stock of your business as it is today, get your plan in place now, and get going fast, then that’s why we created the Business Growth School® and we’re here to be of service and with you, throughout the process.

Our approach is a simple one: As business growth exerts, we’re here to reach our hand out and guide you down a pathway where we want every student and client company to achieve success.

With our business owner and entrepreneur clients having enjoyed 100% turnover increases in 6 months and 1,000% order book increases in 12m, and with Business Growth School’s domestic and international training having reached students who have formally worked in start-ups through to FSTE 100 businesses and the world’s leading consultancies including McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte and PWC, you’ll have the confidence that you will be learning from entrepreneurs who are positioned to serve and support you in achieving truly outstanding business growth in 2021/2022.

If you are serious, and committed, to the success of your business and your personal future too, then for the BGP ‘Signature’ or ‘Consultant’ Programme, then we will look forward to welcoming you! You can also start learning and transforming your success today: