Business Growth Programmes


Welcome to Business Growth School®. We provide business owner-managers, entrepreneurs and consultants with the skills training, mentoring and implementation support all focussed on driving business growth in today’s world.


Business Growth Programmes bring:


  • SME Business Owner and Business Consultant Training,
  • and Business Owner Consultancy Services


Training and support are for business leaders, and delivered by business leaders, as our experts are highly experienced business managers and leaders in their own-right, who’ve got the battle scars, experienced the successes too.


Coupled with fully comprehensive academic online training, Business Growth School® programmes are designed to support you to ‘learn, plan and do’, as you strive to achieve step-change success.


Unlike traditional institutional business training, our Business Growth Programmes are designed to take the learning out of the classroom, support you in your post-study planning, and then most importantly, mentor you as you take action and start doing.


Our mission is to support our every student and client alike to learn, plan and implement long-term business growth success, and so yes, we’re a Business School®, but where we’re unique is that we’re here to not only advance your knowledge… we’re also here to support you to plan and implement too.


It’s when we see our clients not only transform their successes, but also to see them get their full energy back, get focus, experience inspirational motivation and feel lot happier about their day, whilst for our business consultants, to see them secure consistency in their projects and incomes, career freedom and become truly self-made.


If you’re looking for fast-track business training to support you to develop your business and skills, then you can enrol today or simply book a call with us to learn more.

About Our Founder Alan Crouch

Alan’s career went from salesperson to CEO, sales transformation consultant through to international sales and business growth trainer. Today, his experience includes him being an academic fellow for the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, a visiting lecturer at Cambridge University, MBA, author and Business Growth Programme course director.


His beginnings were founded by ‘getting in the trenches’ and learning through experience. It was when Alan left ‘corporate’ and went into consulting, when he saw:


  • A lot of really very experienced former managers and executives trying to be consultants, coaches and Non-executive directors, who had little or no work, and


  • So many SME business owners and entrepreneurs, who were truly expert at what they did too, but where sales, selling and having a solid foundation in business skills were not either their first love or in place

Alan also saw that many ‘successful’ consultants, weren’t that good at consulting, coaching or adding real value, and in turn, there simply was too many honest-to-goodness business leaders being charged significantly high daily rates for really very questionable value outcomes and service.


As Alan developed his consulting business, he created a system to train expert business growth consultants to create highly a successful business, who could add truly game-changing value and deliver client service excellence.


He then created the Business Growth Programme for business leaders, to teach them in the very same skills to grow their business for the long-term too.


Alan identified that with everyone on the same page and working together, the outcomes would result in unprecedented growth for businesses.

Business Growth Programme

Business Growth Programme (BGP) brings together consulting, learning and implementation as one, where you learn the consultancy skills and frameworks to create your very own business growth plan and the sales & marketing skills to implement success so to get out there and get it done – no excuses. 


All programmes are delivered by way of a combination of online and 1:1 coaching from your Action Mentor; access is designed to suit busy business leaders and consultants and with training taking from just 3 days through to 3 Months, students are literally days and weeks away from taking control of their business growth success.

Business Growth Programme | Signature Programme

Our ‘Signature’ Programme is for SME business owner managers and entrepreneurs. You will learn:


Skills Training: To lead your business growth transformation, learn to sell (yes sell, and without exception), drive sales success, create your growth sales and marketing pipeline, and master new traditional and internet marketing skills to include a comprehensive overview of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Google and Twitter.


Consultancy Skills: 12 business consultancy frameworks, templates and strategies that will enable you to know how identify your ‘now’, take-stock, create your plan and finalise your ‘live’ business growth strategy plan and personal My Action Plan™

Implementation: If you are like most of us, at this stage, we truly welcome support as we put our new skills in to practice, overcome any fears and uncertainties, take action and review our successes. Here, you will not be alone. Together with six additional ‘implementation’ modules, you will directly receive six 1:1 Action Mentor session calls, which are designed to support you, provide the opportunity for your to directly ask any questions to clarify your learning, and mentor your stages of the implementation of your new skills. This implementation stage is focussed in supporting you to overcome any initial fears or concerns and then take action, as you directly start transforming your business growth success.

Business Growth Programme | Consultant

Starting with studying the Online Business Consultant Masterclass 3 Day Foundation, here we train those thinking of becoming a freelance business consultant, coach or non-executive director (NED), and would like to learn the skills to support a highly successful start, or for those already started out, who just may be looking for a little more success.


Business Growth Programme | Consultant, then introduces Six 1:1 Action Mentor Sessions, where with the support of our Action Mentor team, you will mentored along a prescribed programme to support you to embed your new skills, prepare and then directly take action.


Fully supported with online Action Mentor checklists and support training materials, you 1:1 sessions will support you in:

  • Identifying your expert proposition so to ensure you can be remembered as the ‘go-to’ consultant
  • Identifying and believing in your own value
  • Mastering your 100x Elevator Pitch™
  • Preparing and starting your LinkedIn Marketing
  • How to prepare for your Consultation meetings so to secure your first projects
  • Creating your Top100 Target client list so to support you source your first clients, fast
  • Embedding life-long sales, selling and marketing skills

Business Growth Programme | Jump Start

Business Growth Programme | Jump Start™ was born when founder Alan Crouch systemised his approach to preparing client businesses for business growth transformation.

This is where Business Growth School® Consulting Services will come into your business, and work directly with and for you, to create your Jump Start report for change. Our consultant experts will:


  • Meet with you, the business leader, to fully understand the ‘where you are now, what you enjoy about now, what you aspire to, and identify what’s stopped you from achieving this
  • Meet 1:1 with up to four further senior manager or directors should you have them too
  • Speak, with prior approval, with a select number of your lost, dormant and existing clients
  • Review your competitors
  • Conduct a Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats analysis prior to
  • Producing you with a comprehensive Jump Start report of recommendations to support your Strategy Transform Planning and business growth success.


Using this very system, founder, Alan Crouch, has supported client businesses achieve 100% increases in turnover and six months and 1,000% increases in order books in twelve, whilst also supporting business leaders to feel the success and benefits that comes with having aligned teams and a business completely focussed on business growth.


Business Growth Programme | Strategy Transform

For many companies, when it comes to creating an unbiassed and inspired business strategy and plan, they know that this is best facilitated by 3rd party experts, who will show no bias to the process, and support the business to create transformational change.

Business Growth Programme | Strategy Transform is no standard programme, as at Business Growth School® consulting services, our approach is to ensure that the entire plan is oriented to focus on achieving an aligned team, with every business function focussed on business growth.


This ‘sales-orientated’ strategy conference, is for the team, as in Business Growth Programme | Jump Start, either the client or Business Growth School® will have set your direction through a more 1:1 orientation, in readiness for the team to come together, and plan for success.


The planned outcomes include:


  • A highly motivational and focussed three to five year strategy and plan
  • Identifying and agreeing the Vision for your business
  • Putting in place the gaols, objectives, strategies and plans that will support overall business growth success across every business function
  • Streamlining your business operations and right-sizing your business for success
  • Identifying what’s needed, and what’s not
  • The creation of a detailed strategy and plan that’s focussed on business growth
  • A plan that is focussed on adding real value and customer service excellence to your customers


Once complete, to support implementation and over and above the preparation of your Strategy Transform Plan, together with over 200 accredited partners, Business Growth School® Consultancy Services can facilitate expert support across virtually every business skill, from HR, to ISO, acquisitions through to exit.

Alan Crouch Says:

If you’re really wanting to take control and seize the opportunities that are truly out there post Covid-19, learn the essential core business skills, know how to take stock of your business as it is today, get your plan in place now, and get going fast, then that’s why we created the Business Growth School® and we’re here to be of service and with you, throughout the process.

Our approach is a simple one: As business growth exerts, we’re here to reach our hand out and guide you down a pathway where we want every student and client company to achieve success.

With our business owner and entrepreneur clients having enjoyed 100% turnover increases in 6 months and 1,000% order book increases in 12m, and with Business Growth School’s domestic and international training having reached students who have formally worked in start-ups through to FSTE 100 businesses and the world’s leading consultancies including McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte and PWC, you’ll have the confidence that you will be learning from entrepreneurs who are positioned to serve and support you in achieving truly outstanding business growth in 2021/2022.


If you are serious, and committed, to the success of your business and your personal future too, then for the BGP ‘Signature’ or ‘Consultant’ Programme, then we will look forward to welcoming you! You can also start learning and transforming your success today:

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